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Brad Gerstman’s Fourth Annual Best Dressed Politician List 2016

//Brad Gerstman’s Fourth Annual Best Dressed Politician List 2016
Brad Gerstman’s Fourth Annual Best Dressed Politician List 2016 2017-01-20T15:41:51+00:00

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Brad Gerstman’s Fourth Annual Best Dressed Politician List 2016

Brad Gerstman is an impeccably dressed lobbyist and lawyer who believes in the art of grooming and personal style. Fashion is not frivolous and first impressions matter. For the fourth year in a row, Gerstman is releasing his much anticipated “Best Dressed Politicians” list.

In previous years, the list has included only New York City and state elected officials, but as this was an election year, Gerstman has expanded his focus to Federal positions; however, the list is limited to male elects because, as Dirty Harry might say and Gerstman definitely says: “A man’s gotta know his own limitations.”
Brad comments, “Politicians get a bad rap, but the majority of elected officials don’t deserve to be painted by the same tarnished brush.” He continues, “Those who interact with elected officials in person, understand that these views can miss the mark, as politicians on the whole, are dedicated to their public and quite often, look good while representing the needs of their constituents.”

When Gerstman began to conduct his annual fashion survey four years ago, he started discovering lawmakers who believed that the manner in which they presented themselves was important.

Gerstman says, “I am an extremely unabashed fashionista and love it when the politicians I come to lobby, put my own efforts to dress to impress to shame. I especially love it when people in politics take some fashion risks to stand out from the crowd. A comparable female list awaits the judgment of someone with greater expertise in this area than me.”

The List

1. President-Elect Donald J. Trump – Who else wears a suit with the same ease as the rest of us wear pajamas?! The incoming chief executive is never seen underdressed on any occasion and will bring a formal fashion emphasis when he moves into the White House in January. We never see a wrinkle in the traditional Trump ensemble, of a blue suit accompanied by a fire engine red tie. Some people don’t like the fit, but we can’t argue with its success! In summary, his look is simple, dapper, and exudes understated elegance. No problem here!

2. Senator Jeff Klein – Jeff is a mainstay on this list. He always looks like he just emerged fully dressed from the spa – relaxed, yet sharp, with a clean shave and haircut. His suits match his grooming and are always finely tailored and fit perfectly. He could start a modern-day rat pack if he could get the rest of his male independents to emulate his example.

3. Senator Kevin Parker – Kevin is another perennial on this list. What can I say? He makes fashion and doesn’t have to follow it anymore – those who want to look good need only to look to emulate his pristine example. The senator easily and confidently mixes colors, styles, ties, fabrics and each season something new and special is unveiled to our delight. He is in his own sartorial stratosphere.

4. Senator John Flannagan – The Republican leader reminds many of a young John Kennedy’ style. The senator is handsome, lean, tall and looks unassailably fantastic in his suits. He is wearing the suit and not the other way around.

5. Assemblyman Francisco Moya – I would be committing fashion malpractice if I didn’t include this dashing man on our best dressed list. Possessing and underscoring a younger, more euro look, Moya’s fitted suits are purchased overseas, where I hear, he picks up his new pieces for his incredible collection in bulk every year. That alone requires great insight and planning and for that, we applaud him!

6. Assemblyman Walter Mosley – AM Mosely exemplifies a simple, chic style and exudes the idea of less is more. Trim fitted suits help make a good-looking man, even more attractive. Mosley style is always confident and demonstrates just enough flair to let you know that there is a real fashion commitment from this elected official.

7. Senator Todd Kaminsky – If “prosecutor” was considered a style, Special K would epitomize it. If we need anyone to prosecute egregious fashion misstatements, this recent addition to the state senate is definitely the one. Who else does the blue suit better? Not many in my book. My only suggestion would be to add a smart white pocket square.

8. House Speaker Paul Ryan – It certainly helps being young, fit and handsome, that said, he is impeccably turned out. This past year, Ryan stepped up his look and personal grooming once he ascended to Speaker, which was a great call in my book, as he will need all his charm and good looks when dealing with the new administration and various factions of his party.

9. Ben Carson – Carson may be a punchline in many jokes these days, but he is certainly no joke when it comes to his suiting. Carson is a sharply dressed man, wore the best ties at the debates, but in all fairness, the bar was set very low!

10. Vice President Joe Biden – Biden dresses extremely well on a budget. He always looks fresh, energetic and youthful. He is incredibly polished – you will notice there is never a wrinkle. From his shoes to his wonderful teeth and cool-guy Ray Bans. Biden may be the dark horse of the 2020 election, but for now, he’s just our clothes horse and he’s doing great!

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