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Government Relations, Lobbying, and Advocacy

Gotham Government Relations is combined of skilled lawyers, lobbyist, and advocates that have many years of experience in government providing strategic advice and winning game plans. The Government Relations team is dedicated to guiding clients through an intricate government structure in order to ensure that they receive quantifiable results. We believe in grass-roots, door to door lobbying by promoting community support through consensus building, education, and advocacy. Our team has extensive experience working with City, State, and Federal government officials as well as leaders of government agencies. Our energy and communication back to clients is unprecedented and clearly differentiates Gotham from all others.

The Government Relations team of professionals specializes in the following areas:

  • Federal Agency Problem Solving
  • Legislative Lobbying
  • Analyzing and tracking minute to minute legislation
  • Drafting and researching legislation and its policies
  • Government Procurement
  • Grassroots Coalition Building
  • State and local Meeting Facilitation with Elected and other High Ranking Officials
  • Executive and Legislative Relationship Building
  • Securing Government Funding
  • Foreign Affairs