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Digital Cyber Operations:

At Gotham, we have the ability to get our clients exactly what they are looking for with innovative and specialized services that are unique to our firm. In a world increasingly dominated by the internet and social media platforms, our firm will utilize all of the many and varied tools at our disposal to engage the necessary audiences and deliver in an efficient manner for our clients. Whether it is to drive a positive or negative influence campaign, manage online and digital reputations, or gather key intelligence that is not readily available, we are more than capable of delivering on the most demanding of challenges. We will not rest until our clients’ needs are met and their expectations exceeded.

Intelligence Gathering:

Often times when trying to gather intelligence on the internet, there is much more to uncover than meets the eye from a simple search on reputable, online search engines. At Gotham, we have the ability to dig deep beyond the surface to extract the most pertinent of information to our clients and their needs. We apply a unique methodology that is comprehensive, innovative, and efficient. We utilize a multi-pronged approach to gather information and intelligence that encompasses open website and database searches, searches on restricted social platforms, and, in some cases, deploying physical “boots on the ground” to perform covert operations to gain access to information. Paramount to our mission at Gotham and important in conducting our operations is our ability to fully comply with the laws and regulations of the country and entity in which we operate. We will ensure the information and intelligence is delivered to you in an efficient and precise manner.

Online Influence and Management:

One’s reputation on the internet has the ability to make or break who they are and what they are about. Gotham is a proven industry leader in the public relations and communications fields with professionals that contain a wide range of expertise in getting the message out and delivering for our clients. We are masters at determining and analyzing how our clients are perceived online and enhancing their visibility and messaging in a positive way. We deploy unique strategies that separate us from any other firm and deliver actionable results in a timely fashion. Our methodology and the tactics we use vary depending on the client, however, the unparalleled results we deliver do not. We have the ability to reshape our clients’ online image in a variety of ways that are not limited to:

  • Enhancing online profiles, such as a Wikipedia page, to ensure it is displayed in a positive light and viewed by as large of an audience as possible
  • Generating and promoting positive articles and stories on various social media platforms and general web searches
  • Using promotional and viral video tactics to gain high visibility on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to get whatever message out as efficiently as possible