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Communications and Public Relations

The world of technology in which we live has amplified the rapid nature of news travel. Whether it’s a false allegation or a story spun wrong, the reality remains that where you turn in times of crisis can make all the difference. Our team of qualified professionals is here to help you navigate the ever changing world of media in a way that will always leave your organization feeling capable and protected. We partner with our clients to assess potential problems and employ our proven expertise to prevent disaster before crisis can be met. It is our goal to reveal the qualities that make your organization one to be admired, and we will stop at nothing to ensure a public face you can be proud of.

Proactive Authorship and Media Management

At Gotham we believe that the best approach to instigating change for a client is by utilizing all avenues of access. The written word has been an authoritative tool for centuries, and remains a powerful instrument when employed appropriately. Our team of communications specialists and writers has the ability to catapult your cause into action. Whether it is a gripping article or exciting press release, we find ways to integrate your concerns with those of the rest of the community at large. By placing our clients at the forefront of conversation we not only aid in their journey, but help to create it. Our experts are devoted to authoring any form of writing that will advocate the concerns and objectives of the client. Though most may be media based, we are also familiar with writing pieces specifically generated for the review of elected officials and decision makers. Message driven content can be essential in building a client’s reputation and in helping them to achieve their organizational goals.

Social Media Management

At Gotham we provide online reputation management services that allow you to create an online image you can be proud of. Through a boutique- in house graphic and web design team we employ a 21st century approach to media management. Our experts can assist in everything from web development and graphic design, to online polls and montage reels. In addition, we maintain a constant dedication to the ever changing worlds of Twitter and Facebook, and are qualified in helping clients expand into the technology based realms of both.

Press and Community Event Management

There is no better way to amplify your reach then through exciting events. Our team has the ability to organize fundraisers, press conferences, rallies, and galas that will produce necessary community and media attention. Generating coverage through events results in both further reputation development and organizational growth.

Business Development

For organizations that have a strategy to reach State, City, or local Government our firm can help. Our team is experienced in achieving the sales goals of clients by opening the proper doors and gaining consensus from key legislative members. Years of successful operation has afforded our firm the ability to build essential relationships that prove vital when aiding a client in the pursuit of growth. At its very core Gotham Government Relations is itself a thriving business and our talented professionals are dedicated to imparting their expertise on our clients.

Disaster Preparedness

The best defense is always a strong offense, and here at Gotham we believe in giving you all the tools necessary to control the reputation you maintain. Through a well organized, tactical approach our experts lay out a step by step plan to prevent disaster from occurring.

Emergency Response

The success of an organization is often based on the reputation it maintains. When crisis occurs immediate action must be taken. Here at Gotham we take an aggressive approach to crisis response, leaving no stone unturned and ultimately stopping at nothing to provide our clients with the best approach for moving forward.

Spokesperson Training

Much like delivering a closing statement in court, conducting a concise and credible argument can often have lasting effects in the future. To ensure that our clients are always placing their best foot forward, we provide a strategic approach that relies on proper preparation and training. It is through this method that your organization will feel confident and comfortable in all dealings involving the media.